Typing Rates

Our typing rates start from ZAR25.00 per page.  The following factors may influence the rate:

Document clarity

The clarity of the document is important for typing.  The harder the document is to read, the longer it takes to type.  Document clarity refers to badly copied or faded documents, and clarity of handwriting.  We may charge a surcharge for documents that are hard to read.

Number of words per page

We don’t work on a rate per word, but rather a rate per page.  However, a document with small font size and margins will have more text than a document with a larger font and margins.  We therefore charge more for pages with more words.

Image and table requirements

Images and tables take time to set up.  Rates are therefore higher for these requirements.

Complexity of document

Higher costs apply for complex formatting or insertion of things like mathematical equations.

Proofreading and editing requirements

The rate we charge for typing is for copy typing, word for word.  We can, however, assist with basic editing services (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) at no extra cost.  Full proofreading and editing is a separate service.  Please refer to our proofreading and editing services for further information.

All our typing rates include the following:


All formatting throughout the document is standardised.  Therefore, font size and type, headings, bullet points, and so forth, will follow the same standard throughout.


We format documents properly.  This allows you to make certain formatting changes with a few simple changes.  It also allows you to continue with the document in the same format.


We will set up documents, where required, to pull through automated Table of Contents and/or Lists of Tables/Figures where required.


All typed documents are double checked prior to being sent back to you to ensure the best possible quality.

Please refer to our typing services page for full information on the typing we can assist you with.

The exact rate for typing is difficult to advise prior to seeing your document.  Please send s the document you require typed.  We can then provide you with an accurate quotation.

Any document supplied will remain strictly confidential, whether you use our services or not.

Please visit our why use us page for our value-added services.