Typing Services

What is Typing?

From basic typing to complex documents, our typing services cover them all. Our typist types your written, scanned, or PDF document into Word or Excel to edit.Typing involves transferring written, printed, or scanned text into a typed document, making it easier to edit and change. From basic typing to complex documents, our typing services cover them all. We type your written, scanned, or PDF document into Word or Excel. However, if you have any specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Typist Skills

A typist needs to possess several important skills in order to provide top-quality documents.

Fast and Accurate Typing

Speed and Accuracy

It is essential for a typist to possess strong typing skills, including speed and accuracy. This boosts productivity and efficiency, consequently allowing for the completion of more tasks in a shorter time. Accurate typing lessens the risk of mistakes such as typos and grammatical errors, thereby ensuring the highest quality of work for clients. Because clients expect error-free, high-quality work to be delivered on time, fast and accurate typing plays a vital role in meeting these expectations.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

It is essential for a typist to pay strict attention to detail. This helps to prevent mistakes such as typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues, which can lower the quality of the work produced. Because clients demand error-free, high-quality work, a typist’s attention to detail plays a vital role in meeting this expectation. This results in well-written, organised, and readable work that enhances the overall quality and credibility of the typist’s output.

Good Command of the English Language


It is crucial for a typist to possess strong English language skills. The ability to identify and correct errors within text enhances the quality and accuracy of the work produced. Without a solid grasp of the English language, a typist can only provide basic copy-typing, which includes any existing errors within the source text.

This skill is important in any language. We recognise the importance of language proficiency and, as such, only offer copy-typing for languages other than English. This ensures, therefore, that our services meet the highest standards and exceed client expectations.

Familiarity with Software


It is crucial for a typist to have in-depth knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Using and customising preset styles in Word can streamline the document creation process, thus simplifying future edits. In Excel, proper use of formulae guarantees error-free spreadsheets. A well-formatted document raises the overall professionalism and accuracy of the work produced.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Adaptability and Flexibility

It is crucial for a typist to possess adaptability and flexibility to client changes and project requirements. Clients’ demands may change often; therefore, a typists must be able to adjust their approach. They may work on a diverse range of projects, from basic data entry to complex technical documents, thus requiring the ability to adapt their skills and methods to meet the unique demands of each project. Clients may have specific formatting styles and a typist must, therefore, be able to conform to these styles to produce work that satisfies each client’s specifications. Furthermore, with technology constantly advancing, a typist must be able to keep pace and adapt to new tools and software as needed.

Organisation and Time Management

Organisation and Time Management

Effective prioritisation is vital for a typist who takes on multiple projects and tasks. With strong time management skills, they can increase productivity and finish tasks sooner. Additionally, proper organisation lessens the risk of errors and oversights, leading to higher client satisfaction. In order to guarantee efficient, accurate, and timely completion of work, resulting in improved client satisfaction and decreased stress levels, good organisation and time management are crucial for a typist.

Understanding Content and Context

Content and Context

A typist who lacks understanding of the content and context can only provide copy typing, with errors and typos included. For this reason, we only provide copy typing for any language other than English as we understand the importance of accurately conveying a message. This knowledge of our limitations allows us to maintain the quality of our services.

Deciphering Handwriting

Deciphering Handwriting

A typist must possess strong handwriting deciphering skills in order to effectively type handwritten documents and notes. Being proficient in the English language is also beneficial as it enables the typist to make informed guesses when faced with unclear handwriting. This skill can be acquired through natural talent or developed over time through experience.

Typing Services

Our typing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Letters and correspondence
  • Reports and summaries
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Legal and medical documents
  • Academic papers and essays
  • News articles and blog posts
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Handwritten notes and documents
  • Technical documents and manuals

  • Data entry and spreadsheets
  • Mathematics and science documents
  • Wills and contracts
  • Minutes of meetings
  • School or university work documents
  • Study and research notes
  • Examination and test papers
  • Training notes and user guides

Typing Options

With our extensive expertise in Word and Excel, we’re able to efficiently type complex documents and spreadsheets. Our capabilities include typing formulae in Word for technical documents in Maths, Science, and Engineering as well as Excel formulae for calculation documents. We understand that your typing requirements may vary; therefore, we offer a range of flexible options to meet your specific needs.



Our copy-typing service involves reproducing text from an existing document to create an exact copy. The focus of this process is to replicate the original text without making any changes or edits. However, any errors or typos present in the source material will be included in the final output. Copy-typing is ideal when accuracy is of utmost importance and errors and typos in the original material should be retained or are not a concern.

Basic Editing

Basic-Edited Typing

With our basic-edited typing service, we recreate text from an existing document to produce an accurate copy, but we apply basic editing to correct any obvious spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and typos. However, we only make edits where we’re completely confident there is an error. Because we recognise our limitations, we limit this type of editing to English typing.

Advanced Editing

Advanced-Edited Typing

With our advanced-edited typing service, we still replicate text from an existing document to provide an accurate copy. However, we apply advanced editing as we type, which involves more in-depth editing beyond just fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Therefore, we reorganise text, clarify arguments and ideas, add or remove content, and ensure consistency in style, tone, and content. As a result, our advanced-edited typing delivers a polished, high-quality, and well-written final product. Because we recognise our limitations, we limit this type of editing to English typing.

Turnaround Time

Our focus is on delivering quality rather than quantity, which requires sufficient time and attention to detail. Our current turnaround time is 60 pages per day, calculated on the document’s characteristics of Arial 11 pt font, 1.5 line spacing, and 2 cm margins all around.

However, several factors can influence the turnaround time, including document technicality and whether the material is handwritten or typed. For instance, documents with greater technical complexities such as equations will take more time to complete than a standard document.

Document Format

We can work with a wide range of document formats and we’ve successfully opened every file we’ve received so far. In the rare case that we encounter an unrecognisable format, we’ll make every effort to locate a suitable program to open the document. Please note that this process may cause a delay in the turnaround time but we’ll inform you of this before committing to the project.

We strive to accommodate your unique requirements and can deliver most document formats to meet your specific needs.