Formatting Rates

Our formatting rates start from ZAR20.00 per page.  The below factors may influence the rate:

Extent of formatting

Some documents need a small amount of formatting whereas others require a large amount of formatting.  Hence, the amount of formatting determines the cost.

Complexity of formatting

Basic formatting (font size, font type, line spacing, and so forth) is, of course, easier than complex formatting (insertion of references, tables, headings, and so forth).  As such, the level of formatting required determines the cost.

All our formatting rates include the following:


We ensure standardisation of all elements throughout the document.

Format settings

Format settings allow for easy changes to font type, font size, line spacing, and so forth.  We set these up for you.


Where needed, we format the document to allow automated Table of Contents and/or List of Tables/Figures.

Track changes and comments

We include track changes and comments so that you are able to see what we changed and why we changed it.


We go over each document several times to ensure we’ve missed nothing.

Please refer to our formatting services page for full information on the formatting we can assist you with.

The exact rate for formatting is hard to advise prior to seeing your document.  Please send us the document you need formatting.  We can then provide you with an exact quotation.

Any documents supplied will remain strictly confidential, whether you use our services or not.

In some cases, retyping a document may prove quicker and more cost effective than reformatting the document.  We will correctly format the document as we type.  Should this be the case, we will advise you accordingly.

Our formatting rates don’t include proofreading and editing.  Please refer to our proofreading and editing services page for more information.