Editing Rates

What Does Editing Cost?

Our proofreading and editing rates start from as low as R29.99 per page for English, font Arial 11 pt, 1.5 line spacing, 2 cm margins all around.Our English proofreading and editing rates start from as low as R29.99 per page, font Arial 11 pt, 1.5 line spacing, 2 cm margins all around.

Editing involves more than simply viewing the content once. While this may do for proofreading, a more in-depth edit calls for a more detailed approach. Typically, there is a vast amount of revising and revisiting sections of the document to spot and fix potential issues such as redundancy and inconsistency. As a result, the process may need many edits. This ensures that the final product meets the desired standard.

Editing Rates Inclusions and Value Adds

We believe that it’s the little details that make all the difference. Therefore, we strive to ensure that every document we edit is of the highest quality possible.

Our editing rates include:

Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammar

The process of proofreading and editing ensures that written material is polished, clear, and error-free. One of the prime aspects of this process is to review the document for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors typically found in the English language. Spotting and fixing these mistakes can enhance the readability and clarity of the text. This aids the reader’s comprehension of the conveyed message. Not only do errors make the text look crude and sloppy but they can confuse or mislead the reader. Therefore, it is vital to check and correct these errors to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the writing.



Maintaining consistency in a document is crucial to creating a professional and polished piece of writing. This means consistently checking the use of spelling and capitalisation throughout the text, including UK English versus US English. Maintaining spelling consistency ensures uniformity in word spellings. Capitalisation consistency ensures that proper nouns, titles, and headings are the same throughout the document. Conflict in spelling and capitalisation can be jarring to the reader and make the document appear untidy and careless. Therefore, it is crucial to review these aspects to ensure consistency.

Clarity and Readability

Clarity and Readability

When proofreading and editing a document, it is vital to review the text’s sentence structure, flow, and logic. This ensures the document is easy to read and conveys the intended message. The sentence structure should be varied and apt for the target audience. Likewise, the flow of the document should be smooth. These ensure that the content is easy to follow and understand. Ensuring logical connection and ease of comprehension in the document involves organising paragraphs effectively and adhering to a clear and concise structure for presenting ideas and concepts.

Reviewing and refining sentence structure, flow, and coherence of the document ensures that the final product becomes a clear, concise, and effective piece of writing easily understood by the target audience. Taking the time to review and refine these aspects of the document during the proofreading and editing process can notably enhance the quality of the written material, making sure that it conveys the intended message clearly and effectively.



To deliver a high-quality, error-free English document, we set about a thorough and strict review process. Going over the document multiple times ensures catching and fixing any errors or mismatches that may have been missed before. By taking the time to go over the document multiple times, we can be confident in the accuracy and effectiveness of the final product. Overall, our commitment to a detailed review process ensures that you receive a document that is error-free, polished, and of the highest quality possible.

Track Changes and Comments

Track Changes and Comments

To ensure transparency and clarity during the editing process, we use the track changes and comments features in the document. These powerful tools enable you to see the changes we have made and the reasons behind the less obvious changes.

The track changes feature highlights any additions, deletions, or changes made to the document. This helps maintain the original document while giving you insight into the editing process.

In addition, the comments feature allows us to provide detailed reasons for changes made to the document. This can be helpful in cases where major revisions are necessary. It allows us to explain the reasoning behind the change and provide context for the amendments made.

Overall, the use of track changes and comments during the editing process helps to ensure transparency, clarity, and accuracy, resulting in a polished and refined final document that meets your needs.

Editor Report

Editor’s Report

We provide an editor’s report that outlines the major changes made to the document and the reasoning behind those changes. This report is a valuable tool that provides insight into the editing process as well as advice for any extra changes that may be needed.

The report includes highlighting major revisions, such as changes in sentence structure, vocabulary, or tone. We also offer detailed reasons for the necessity of these changes.

In addition to outlining major changes, the editor’s report may also include advice for additional changes that could further improve the document’s clarity and effectiveness. Consider this advice as suggestions you can incorporate at your discretion.

Factors Influencing Editing Rates

We strive to maintain competitive and cost-effective pricing for our English proofreading and editing services. However, it is crucial to note that there are a variety of factors that can impact the final cost of our service.

These factors include but are not limited to:

Editing Type

Editing Rates for Editing Type

We offer a range of editing services. Therefore, our service cost depends on the type of editing you need as each type involves different levels of complexity and attention to detail.

For more detailed information about each of these editing services, please visit our editing services page. We are committed to providing high-quality editing services that meet your specific needs and we will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best possible results.


Editing Rates for Cross-Referencing

MS Word provides a useful feature called cross-referencing, which enables you to create links between different parts of your document, including headings, captions, footnotes, or tables. This is particularly useful for generating a table of contents or an index, for example, and also for referencing specific information within your document.

The bookmark feature allows you to mark a specific location in the document and then create a cross-reference to that bookmark from another location in the document. This can help you reference specific paragraphs or sections of your document.

While cross-referencing in MS Word can be a powerful tool for creating complex and informative documents that are easy to navigate and understand, it can also be time-consuming and requires additional steps to set up. Therefore, we charge extra for this service.

Complexity of the Project

Editing Rates for Complexity of the Project

Projects that are longer or more technical in nature may require more time and resources to edit. Therefore, these projects may cost more. Proofreading and editing a document with a high level of content or jargon may require additional research to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. Similarly, editing a document with a substantial amount of research may require additional time to fact-check and cross-reference sources.

Additional Information

Visit our editing services page for a comprehensive list of our services. To obtain an accurate quote, provide us with the document you need edited. We guarantee complete confidentiality for all documents submitted to us, whether you decide to use our services or not.

Please note that our standard editing rates apply, regardless of when your project starts, and project timelines depend on our availability.

Although formatting is not included in our editing rates, we offer a discounted rate for formatting when done simultaneously with editing. For more details on the formatting options we provide, please visit our formatting services page.

In addition to our English proofreading and editing services, we offer value-added services that you can learn about on our Why Nikann page. Contact us today to learn more and experience the difference that our expert typing services can make!