Proofreading and Editing Rates

Our proofreading and editing rates start from ZAR25.00 per page.  The rate may change due to the below:

Editing type

We can help with basic editing, copy editing, content editing, and academic editing.  The type of editing you need will affect the rate.

Document clarity

The clarity of the document affects the cost.  Hence, faded, badly copied, or written documents may have a higher cost.

Cross-referencing requirements

Cross-referencing takes time.  Thus, we charge more for cross-referencing services.

All our proofreading and editing rates include:

Typographical errors

A typographical error (also called a misprint) is a typo made while typing.  This covers a wide range of errors that may occur.


We check documents for punctuation and fix punctuation use as needed.


We check for spelling errors in the document.  We also make sure the same language (US English or UK English) is used and amend spelling as needed.

Grammatical errors

We check for errors such as run-on sentences, pronoun errors, wrong apostrophe usage, subject/verb agreement, and misplaced modifiers.


We make sure correct capitalisation is used in the document.

Track changes and comments

We use track changes and comments in the document.  This then lets you to see what we have changed and why.


We go over each document many times in order to make sure we’ve missed nothing.

Please see our proofreading and editing services page for full information on the proofreading and editing we can help you with.

The rate for proofreading and editing is hard to advise prior to seeing your document.  For that reason, please send us the document you need proofread and edited.  We can then give you with an exact quote.

Any documents given to us will stay strictly confidential, whether you use us or not.

Our proofreading and editing rates don’t include formatting.  Please see our formatting services for more information.

Visit our why use us page for our value-added services.