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Nikann Transcription and Typing Solutions is a small, owner-run company offering professional, quality services.

Although our  primary focus is on transcription, we also assist with typing, proofreading and editing, and formatting of documents.

We have a small team of dedicated English freelance transcribers (or transcriptionists, if you prefer) with a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer you quality results.  With Nikann Transcription and Typing Solutions, you get a personalised service.  We will do our utmost to accommodate all your requirements.

Nikki Solomon

Nikann Transcription and Typing Solutions was founded in May 2012 by Nikki Solomon (that’s me on the right).  All work undertaken is either personally executed by myself or, when work is sent to a freelance team member, it is personally double-checked by myself to ensure that only the best quality is sent back to you.

Nikann Transcription and Typing Solutions was born out of my desire to offer professional, personalised service with quality output.  My clients are paramount and always take priority.  I personally guarantee that what you receive will meet, if not exceed, your expectations and requirements.

My philosophy: quality is what you deserve and is what you will receive.


As we understand the importance of confidentiality in any business, our freelance transcribers have signed strict confidentiality agreements with Nikann Transcription and Typing Solutions, guaranteeing that all information is kept private and confidential.  We can guarantee that no work will be outsourced without your prior knowledge.  Any information provided to us will remain strictly confidential, whether you use our services or not.



What our clients say

Thank you very much for your professional service.


I appreciate your hard work and professionalism.  Thank you very much for the transcriptions.  I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.


Thank you for the good job you did on my transcripts.  I really appreciate getting them earlier than the 4 days TAT we had agreed on.


The professionalism and turnaround time has been exceptional and I commend you for the outstanding service.

Thanks again and I’ll be sure to refer your business to everyone in future.


Nikki is the most helpful and professional person I have ever come across.  She is always willing to assist and does exactly what is expected and often quicker than anticipated.  She has been a fantastic help with regards to my Master’s studies!


Your service is five stars plus.


Nikann Solutions delivered excellent service with high quality transcriptions, regular updates and quick turnaround times.


Thanks a million for your caring attitude and client-centred approach.  I am extremely grateful for your assistance.

It is a privilege to refer researchers/students to you, because I really believe in the credibility of your company.


From the very first time I had the privilege to work with Nikann Solutions I was aware that this organisation strived to deliver excellent work.  Nikann Solutions’ ability to deliver high quality work with an excellent turnaround time gives me the confidence to recommend them to anyone.

Marie – UNISA Student

Thank you for the transcription of our focus group interview received.  The research team would like to acknowledge the prompt and friendly service we experienced from you.  May your company be successful and blessed in years to come.

Heleen du Toit

From the bottom of my heart, thank you once again for the completed transcription.  This is my year of turning my dream into reality.  God permitting, I will be walking on the stage with my degree.  You are part of my journey and will always be grateful for everything you did for me.

Thank you, thank you!  It was great working with you.


Thank you, Nikki.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the level of professionalism of the service you provide.  It’s refreshing to experience it and it definitely sets you apart.

Herman du Toit

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