Transcription Rates

Transcription rates

Our transcription rates start from ZAR10.00 per audio minute. However, the rate may change depending on certain factors.

Intelligent verbatim vs full verbatim

Verbatim requirements

Full verbatim transcription takes longer than intelligent verbatim because we need to make sure we capture every hesitation, stammer, filler, and repetition. It is amazing how easily the brain filters these out.

Because it takes longer to count how many hesitations, stammers, and repetitions there are, there is a surcharge for full verbatim transcription.

We do offer a combination of the two and not all full verbatim elements are charged for.

Bad quality audio

Audio quality

Bad quality audio needs more time as we need to go over more bits more often than we would with good audio. For this reason, we charge more for bad quality audio. However, if the audio is so bad that we can’t get much from it, we will speak to you before proceeding with the transcript.

Voice clarity

Speaker clarity

Voice clarity refers to how clear a voice is on the recording. The speaker might mumble. He or she might have a heavy accent. The recorder could be far from the speaker. These are just a few examples of why we might have an issue with voice clarity. In these cases, we need to spend extra time on the audio to make sure we get as much out of your audio as possible. For this reason, we charge extra for speakers who are difficult to hear clearly. In saying this, we have a lot of experience with heavy accents.

Number of speakers

Group size

The more speakers per audio file, the more chance of crosstalk. We need to spend extra time on these sections to make sure we get as much out of your audio as possible. For that reason, we charge a surcharge on the number of speakers.

Identification of speakers

Clear indication of speakers

For focus groups/meetings, if there is no clear indication of speakers, we do manual voice comparison. As this is time consuming, particularly for large groups, we charge more. However, you can choose not to have voice comparisons done in which case the same speaker will have a different reference number every time he/she speaks.

Editing requirements

Need for editing

Depending on the nature of your transcription, you may require editing. We can assist with basic editing at no additional charge. Basic editing is changing non-standard English to standard English and/or amending blatant errors (“a apple” to “an apple”, for example). In-depth editing requirements are charged as a separate service. Please see our proofreading and editing services for further details on what we offer.

Time coding

Time stamp

In our standard transcription rates, we include time coding at indistinct areas, roughly every minute or so. Further time-coding requirements may attract a surcharge. Please contact us with your requirements.

Customised formatting

Formatting requirements

We may charge extra for complex customised formatting. Some formatting requirements, such as table formats, take longer to transcribe. Please contact us with your requirements.

Rush/weekend work

Afterhour requirements

Because we don’t compromise quality, we charge a rush rate/weekend surcharge for urgent work. Urgent work requires longer working hours to meet your earlier deadline. We will meet your deadline with the same quality as our normal transcriptions.

Inclusions for transcription rates

All our transcription rates include:

Double checking

Transcript checking

We listen to each audio file twice. The first draft helps us gain perspective. We get to know the speaker’s way of talking as well as gain insight into the topic discussed. We capture as much information as we can during the first draft.

The second draft ensures we have captured everything properly. We also fill in (and double check) the bits we missed in the first draft. We fix up the small but important errors that may occur in the transcripts.


Document formatting

The Word document is formatted properly before we start transcribing. This will allow a change in formatting (font size, line spacing, font type, and so forth) with a few simple style changes. Having a properly-formatted document will also make copying and pasting text from the transript to another document easier to manage.

Time coding

Time stamp

We include time coding for indistinct areas. This lets you quickly find a section and insert what we couldn’t catch. We insert time coding every minute or so, depending on the number of indistinct areas.



Where needed, we conduct research. Research is done on terminology we are not familiar with as well as names and places mentioned in the audio, to name a few instances. We don’t just ensure accuracy in terms of the transcript as a whole. We try and ensure that the finer details are taken into consideration as well.



As per feedback from our clients, we have a 95+% accuracy rate. We always strive to give you the best we can based on the audio provided.

Additional information

Refer to our transcription services page for full details on the transcription we can assist you with.

Please supply us with full details of the audio you need transcribed. We can then give you an estimated quote. Accurate quotes can only be provided on receipt of the audio files.

Any audio files given to us will stay strictly confidential, whether you use us or not.

Our standard rates apply regardless of when a project starts. Project commencement and deadlines depend on our availability.

Please visit our transcription tips page, prior to recording if you can. These simple tips will help you keep your transcription costs down.

Visit our why use us page for our value-added services.