Terms and Conditions

  1. Any payment received is deemed as confirmation that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted.
  2. No work will be started until proof of payment or a signed purchase order has been received.
  3. A 50% deposit will be required before any work is undertaken.  For invoices of ZAR500.00 or less, full payment is required upfront.
  4. In the case of urgent work (where an rush/weekend surcharge is charged), full payment is required upfront, regardless of the total invoice value.
  5. In the case of busy periods, a 50% deposit will be required within 24 hours to secure provisionally booked dates.  Clause 14 will apply in cases where deposits are paid late and the provisionally booked dates have been taken, resulting in cancellation of the project.
  6. All deposits/payments are non-refundable in cases where projects are cancelled last minute.
  7. Balance of payment is due within 7 (seven) days after completion of a project.  Proof of payment will be required to ensure clause 9 is not implemented.
  8. Alternative payment arrangements can be discussed in writing.  A surcharge will be charged for alternative payments.  This must be arranged prior to commencement of a project to ensure that clause 9 is not implemented.
  9. Any invoice not paid within the required payment period will incur a penalty of 10% (ten percent) of the total invoice value per week for four weeks.  Failure of payment within these four weeks will result in the invoice being handed over for legal action.  Legal fees will be added to the final invoice.
  10. Long-term projects continuing for more than a month will be invoiced at the end of each month for work completed within that month. A deposit for the following month’s work may be requested.
  11. Full payment is required upfront on all foreign payments.
  12. You, as the client, are responsible for all fees applicable to international payments.  Any fees charged will be invoiced, along with an additional amount to cover further fees, and completed work will only be handed over on payment of these fees. Please note that there is a 5- to 10-working-day clearance waiting period on international payments.
  13. You, as the client, are held solely responsible for all invoice payments.
  14. All refunds, unless the refund is due to an error on our side, will incur a 15% administration fee.  Please note that this fee is also applicable to the rejection of bad quality audio/documents where the quality has not been disclosed upfront, as well as in cases where deposits have been paid later than the required 24 hours to book a time slot and the time slot is filled, resulting in cancellation of the project.
  15. On completion of work, a non-printable, non-editable PDF document will be returned to you until full payment has been settled. Once full payment has been received, the printable, editable Word document will be sent to you.
  16. In cases where it is felt that there are errors in the work provided by us, indisputable proof of our errors must be sent back to us within the seven-day payment period and an opportunity must be given to us to fix these errors.  These errors must be within the scope of work requested by you (for example, in the case of copy-typing).  Where errors have occurred that were not on our side (for example, errors on a document provided to us which were typed as is, in accordance to the required copy-typing service), amendments will be charged for.
  17. No payment is to be withheld if indisputable proof of errors/bad quality work cannot be provided.  In cases where payment is withheld, clause 9 will be charged for.
  18. Cancellation of work, once it has begun, will incur a cancellation fee. This will be deducted from the deposit and the balance, if any, will be refunded (less the 15% administration fee as per clause 14) or an invoice will be sent for the outstanding amount, payable immediately.  Any completed work up to the point of cancellation will be supplied once all payments are settled.  In the case of non-payment, clause 9 will be implemented.
  19. Alterations to work, once started or completed, may be charged for, depending on the nature of the alterations required. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  20. Turnaround time may incur additional fees if after-hour or weekend work is required or if work directly affects work already undertaken.
  21. Poor quality audio files/documents may be rejected or a surcharge may be charged for transcription/typing of these files/documents.
  22. All terms and conditions stand unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to commencement of any work undertaken.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss any of the above.