Sending Files

We use SendThisFile – a secure, password protected file-sharing site with file encryption. This site is paid for to ensure added security. Please contact us for the password for the below form.

Alternatively, you can share files with us using DropBox or any other file-sharing site you may know and feel more comfortable using. Collection of files can be arranged with enough notification. This may attract an additional surcharge depending on the value of the project and area of collection. Arrangements for delivery of files can also be made with enough notification.


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Please see instructions on the right on how to use this form.

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Instructions for SendThisFile

Please enter your email: enter your e-mail address. This allows me to know who the file is coming from.

Enter a message here: this is an optional field where you may enter a message if you choose. You can enter any instructions regarding the files you upload or any information you feel we should have with this audio file.

Password: please contact us for the password.

File 1 – 5: please upload each file separately with a maximum of 5 files at a time. Click the BROWSE button and locate the audio files you wish to upload from your computer. Select the audio file and click OK.

Click the SendThisFile button. Please wait until you receive confirmation that the upload has successfully completed before closing the webpage or loading more files.

Please note: the upload speed of the files will entirely depend on the upload speed of your internet connection. In some cases, this may take some time. Upload speeds are generally slower than download speeds.